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Kitesurfing in Cumbuco ! It´s Paradise in Brazil !
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Rent a Car in Cumbuco Brazil !

Rent a Car in Cumbuco

A car is normally always a must ! If u are in Fortaleza u need it to go kiting in Cumbuco. Of course there are bus connections but they take u only to Cumbuco and with a kitebag travelling u will be tyred before pumping the first kite ! Even if u just like to kite in Cumbuco a car is really useful ! 

Driving arround Cumbuco is quite a lot of fun because there are a lot of kitespots nearby e.g Lagoon Cauipe, Pecem, Taiba and Paracuru are only a few spots where to drive. Your normal local driver licence is absolutly ok. No need for the international one.

Advice: If u like to kite in the lagoon of cauipe there is no 4x4 car needed if u use the normal street ! If u drive at the beach its abolutley mandatory to have a 4x4 or a buggy ! 

Here are some pictures of cars which are available. Rental prices start from 60 Real per day including insurance and 150 km ! 

Cars will be delivered to the Airport of Fortaleza or to Cumbuco to your Pousada. 

In addition there are Beach Buggies available ... great fun ... and a big adventure to drive on the beautiful beaches of Ceara.

Any questions or if you like to make a reservation please get in contact with us.